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Number of pages to go on the Website:


How many pages of content will you need written for you?

We feel you know your specific industry better than others, and will write it yourself.

Each page may take an interview or two, hence the costs.

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How many pages of SEO will you need HSS to do (On Page Optimization)?

Research, Google Analytics, analyzing the on page goals, landing pages


Number of pages with a different "look" (Layouts)

Left SIdebar, Full WIdth, Right SIdebar, Magazine Style ( columnar) are layouts. -

Type of Website

This will strongly affect your success at SEO, the difficulty of getting a site to page 1 varies greatly depending on the industry niche. Although HSS will do on page optimization, we will most likely refer you to our digital marketing partners.


PayPal, etc. This will vary greatly depending on quantity of Products

Level of Complexity

Or based on your understanding of how a website is built , how much time will be really needed?
Consider management styles, Number of people involved, level of customization.


The site will be built with Responsive design, and usually can be easily optimized for mobile.


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