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Testimonials from our Clients & Colleagues
“Ed has incredible insight into what  a web site should do and how it should interact with the user and the owner.  His pricing is excellent and I just love that he has annual maintenance contracts so my clients don’t have to worry about their web sites.  I recommend Ed and Higher Source Web Sites to anyone who is considering a redesign (including more functionality) to their web site.”
Kathie I., Business Coach & Consultant
When I made the decision to have a website built I contacted about seven companies in the Sonoma County area for bids, Ed Rosenthal being one of these. Six of the webmasters submitted bids that gave the distinct impression that they were not responding to my clearly stated goals, objectives, and budget, but rather they were trying to make me fit their agenda and conform to their needs and their preconceived notions about the what this website might be. When I spoke to them about the details of their proposal they presented themselves as ‘techo-drones’ spouting jargon, throwing concepts around, &c., more to confuse than to edify. The proposal that Ed submitted was different. He listened to me and created a proposal that actually responded to my needs and he described the general approach in comprehensible language. When I saw this my decision was easy. We quickly created an outline of a proposal and went from there. Working with Ed was easy, he did what he said he was going to do, he listened to all my questions and responded with patience and clarity, he made excellent suggestions throughout; in short he delivered more than he was required to under our agreement, and best of all, I received a website that exceeded my expectations.
“Late in the afternoon on a Friday, I got a call from a client who needed an update on her website. She needed an event listed, a separate page created for the event, as well as creating links to PayPal for purchasing tickets or donating—and she wanted this by Sunday. When I emailed Higher Source Sites on that same Friday afternoon with the request, I had little hope of being able to report back to my client with good news. (The client’s regular webby was unavailable, and I suspected that finding a replacement to step into an existing website might be difficult.) However, I was delighted to not only receive a quick response, but also hear that Ed would be able to accomplish this by Sunday! “Ed was one step ahead of me, and completed this on Saturday. Then on Sunday, I had another request—that I would need an emailable version of the event page with active links. This turned into a more complicated project and took much more time than originally anticipated, so Ed’s Sunday afternoon was devoured by me and many emails. “The project was completed in record time, and Ed’s patience with me and the project was remarkable—not to mention the fact that he sacrificed his weekend to help me and my client. My client is thrilled with the results and with me, and I have Higher Source Sites to thank.”
Katy N., Petite Designs
“Higher Source Sites has become an integral part of maintaining my website. Before meeting Eddie Rosenthal my web presence was not even coming close to my much needed potential. Eddie examined my website for effective word content that related to my desired demographic of customers. He helped me realize that I had invested too much attention to graphics instead of concentrating on greater marketing potential through key word content. Higher Source Sites will not only yield amazing results but also educate the customer to understand how to get your business to the top of your category for web search. I had wasted years of underpowered web content that didn’t work…now it does.” Thank you Higher Source Sites for helping my customers find me.
Cary Hiner CPT NASM-PES,CES, Cary Hiner Fitness
“I used Higher Source Sites (Web Designer Eddie Rosenthal) to maximze my search engine web presence for my business as a Nurse Observer. Eddie got my website at the top of the natural listings for Nurse Observer — check it out for yourself!”
Michael, RN, Michael is a legal nurse observer or Independent Medical Observer
Eddie Rosenthal is fantastic as a web designer and SEO expert! You’re in good hands with Higher Source Sites. He’s also a wonderful person to interact with… My web presence and ability to attract clients has soared since he has been my go-to person for web-related issues! Sincerely,
Hannah Caratti, LMFT, E-RYT (Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher), Hannah Caratti
It was my great pleasure to work with Ed on the website for Rotary District 5130’s Youth Exchange website – We were moving from a website that was difficult to change and only one person had the access and skills to update to a Word Press site that would allow us more flexibility to update and change. Ed transferred over the current content quickly and provided suggestions and ideas to improve the flow of the site. For example, we had pages with a lot of text and Ed recommended putting this information into boxes with tabs to reduce the amount of scrolling needed. As with many nonprofits, there was a committee of people who wanted input on both the content of the site and the look and feel. Ed was amazingly patient with needing to do revisions, change colors multiple times, updating photos, and everything else people could think of to change. In addition, Ed went above and beyond, spending time to train me on how to use the basics of Word Press so that I could maintain the site without having to pay him every time we had a small change that was needed. Finally, when I got a note from Sonic where we host our site that we were over our data usage, Ed explained to me how to remove the old site to a flash drive. A week later, he followed up with me to see if I had done it and when I hadn’t asked me for a flash drive and did it himself! This was a couple months after the job was over! Ed takes pride in his work and ownership of the websites he designs. He does an excellent job and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to update an existing site or build a new one. A big fan!
Renee Hyde Rotary District 5130 Youth Exchange Chair and State Farm Agent, State Farm
“Silly Willy you were just supposed to tell me how to do it – not do all the work! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re brilliant. Looks nice and clean…”
“Ed has a wealth of knowledge in the web and SEO sectors. He is responsive and sensitive to clients’ needs, and is not one to back down from a challenge or an unknown.
Service Category: Graphic/Web Designer
Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time”
Aly Anderson, Owner/Designer
“We recently needed to sharpen our SEO knowledge and contracted with Ed Rosenthal of Higher Source Sites to help us.Ed is not only an SEO expert, he is also extremely patient in explaining why SEO has become so important in getting your web pages to rank high on Google searches. He made sure that we understood the latest changes in Google’s approach to SEO before demonstrating to us how to implement it. His systematic approach helped us to become competent in doing it ourselves in future.Thanks Ed, we appreciate all your knowledge, time, and patience that you shared so freely with us.”
Jaco Grobbelaar, BroadVision Marketing., Owner/Marketing
“Ed completed my new website in record time and it is beautiful! We ran into some glitches with the kind of headings I wanted, but Ed researched the solution and got me exactly what I wanted.  I could not be happier with his expert service!”
Kathleen R., Vows & Blessings., Owner/Oficiant
“We recently contracted with Higher Source Sites to build us a new e-commerce website and Ed developed the entire site is an incredibly short period of time! His attention to detail and he thorough business methods really paid off for us. I highly recommend Ed for SEO and site development work.”
Jane D., Manufacturing